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Sooky Seal Point Adult Ragdoll



Seal Point

HCM negative & Pkd negative by DNA testing

Sook is the smaller of our boy's but has a big personality! he is quite vocal and will chat to whom ever will listen. Sook has brilliant sapphire blue eyes and lovely boning.

All his little ones have fantastic type with perfect Ragdoll temperament!




Introducing our exquisite import from Canada..

Darlin'lil'dolls Kovu


Darlinlildolls Kovu Darlinlildolls Kovu


Seal Mitted

HCM negative & Pkd negative by DNA testing

100% traditional lines

This exquisite boy has it all, he is just beautiful in his disposition and has just wonderful size with fantastic type, we are just so delighted to have Kovu join us. We have waited a long time for this boy and it certainly has been worth the wait.

Thank you Gail & Ashley Arthur of Darlinlildolls Cattery for entrusting me with this amazing boy, I am so grateful for all your patience and hard work getting him to us here in Australia.




ANCATS DB GD CH Jarrah Silver Phoenix


Phoenix blue point ragdoll Phoenix Blue Point Ragdoll


Blue Point

HCM negative & Pkd negative by DNA testing

DNA Tested Chocolate Carrier

Phoenix has fantastic boning, size and quality. He loves everybody! he also possessing the most adorable and loving temperament that is know as Ragdoll. He passess all these qualities to his little ones and has produced the most fantastic kittens.

He is a absolute credit to his breeder!




"Ragdoll of the Year 2010"

"3rd top 10 Entire Cat of the Year 2010"

ANCATS Sapphire DB GD CH & BNZ DB GD National CH

Ravera Diesel


Ravera Diesel Seal Bicolour Adult Ragdoll Ravera Diesel Seal Bicolour Adult Ragdoll


Seal BiColour

HCM negative & Pkd negative by DNA testing

Diesel has fantastic size with excellent boning. He constantly purrs and has a big cuddly teddy bear feel to him. He has a great profile, strong head and perfect ear placement.

Diesel achieved his Title in 9 months, in strong competition. Exceptional results for such a young boy with lots of maturing to do. He is of International quality and this has been confirmed by many international Judges.

We are extremely proud to have breed such an outstanding boy!




Angelicdolls Hollywood

"Swedish Import"


Ollie Angelicdolls Hollywood as an Adult


Blue Mitted

HCM negative & Pkd negative by DNA testing

Blood Group A

Ollie is everything we were hoping for and has brought a lovely diversity to our bloodlines. Ollie has matured into the most amazing boy and he has produced the most wonderful angelic natured babies.

Thank y0u Bella of Angelicdolls Sweden for entusting us with your very gorgeous man, he certainly brings through the look and nature of your special and divine Ragdolls.



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