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Seal Mitted Ragdoll kittens

Hi Vera

Thank you so much for our beautiful boys. You clearly raised them with close attention and love, as they are so calm, loving, and they settled so quickly. 

They started exploring as soon as they got home,  and Rembrandt immediately made friends with everyone while Romeo followed him round, soon showing us how sweet he was too. I'm so glad we got the two, they entertain each other all day and then curl up together.

They are fantastic with our three young kids, so patient and tolerant even when dressed up in fairy wings or put to bed in a dolls cradle! They're also getting on great with our golden retriever, and love sharing her bed! 

Thank you again for them, and for all your help, and making their move to Melbourne so easy. I have recommended you to all my friends.

Bella, Melbourne VIC 13/3/17

Ravera Archie

Hello Vera,

I hope you had a lovely Easter.

Just wanted to give you an update on how brilliantly little Archie has settled in.

As you can see by the photos he thinks Mirren my Cocker Spaniel is the best and she has been so patient with him.

He settled very well and after the first 24 hours he seemed right at home.  Eating handsomely and never missed with his litter tray.

It's such a credit to you and how you raise these beautiful kittens that they are so adaptable and ready for the world.

Archie has me smiling constantly - thank you for my little bundle of joy!!

Kind regards,

Brooke, BOWRAL, NSW, 29 March 2016



Kam and Bondi


Dear Vera,

Thank you so much for my two gorgeous ragdoll kitties, Bondi and Kam.  I am glad that I chose two of them because they are such good companions for each other.  Both are wonderful!  Bondi is the more curious and busy, while Kam is calmer and joins in after he decides that Bondi has a good idea.  They have immediately become close to me and always want to be somewhere near.  They settled in right away and have made friends with everyone they have met.  It is a tribute to you and your wonderful breeding and socialization program that they are such special little guys.
I especially appreciate that you “walked me through” the steps needed for their international transfer from your home in Australia to mine in Hawai’i.  You made the process so much easier than it could have been. 
Thank you for the joy that they bring.  They are so loved, and I am so happy to have them!
Please know that I highly recommend you!  You are a wonderful breeder and take great care that you kittens are genetically and medically safe and you have wonderful cats to offer.  You also are very helpful and professional.  I am happy if you use this letter as a testimonial and know that I am fortunate to have found you.

With great regard,

Gail Hostetter Nelson, Honolulu HAWAII, January 2016

Hawai Flag

Ravera Marshmellow & Truffles

Hi Vera,

Just wanted to update you and let you now that Marshie and Truffle are doing fabulous! Yesterday was the first day we left the house for a short amount of time and letting them both roam freely - when I got home, they greeted me at the door and everything seemed fine.

They definitely becoming best buds, Marshie often looking like the mum to Truffle, which makes us so so happy!

Also Truffle is such a water baby - he likes to drink from running taps and sit in wet sinks! Definitely keeps us on our toes, but we absolutley adore him and glad Marshie does too :)

Once again, thank you for the gift of Truffle and Marshie, we couldn't imagine our home without them both.

-Amy and Matt, North Field, South Australia, July 2015

Emma Balfour & Flaumig


Hi Vera,

I just thought I'd forward this picture from the current Harpers Bazaar, Flaumig wandered into the picture and settled in! He has grown into a very big and happy boy.

All The Best,

Emma Balfour, Sydney, May 2015

Santa, Jade, Panda and Maddy

Hi Vera,

Just letting you know that Panda is settling in very well and he is currently watching TV together with Jade on the lounge. He just loves the extra attention Jade gives him and they had these cute photo's taken with Santa today. The Santa photo also our dog Maddy in it.

Thank you so much he is a wonderful little fellow, such a special kitten x

Lisa and family SYDNEY 14/12/14


Oliver Seal Point RagdollSeal Point Oliver

Hi Vera,
Here are some photos of Oliver. As you can see he sits on the cistern every morning while I have my shower ! I love him so much ! He is still very affectionate and loves being brushed. His funky hollow is a favourite too. He is such wonderful company. A classic case of 'you get what you pay for'. He is a very special to me and a credit to your breeding program.
Thank you.
Kindest Regards
Sandra, VIC, 9/6/ 2014


Blue Mitted boy AngusAngus and Parrot


Hi Vera,
Just a update....angus is wonderful...he is so very happy to be our little boy....constant purring and giving us so much joy....didn't think I could love a kitten as much as I adore angus....he is truly beautiful....
Hayley is being kind to him and loves him to bits...he follows me everywhere and if I'm out of sight he makes sure he calls out for me....
I have many pic's of him enjoying his new life and will share with u as he grows. 
Thank you again for our boy x
Donna, Cairns QLD 9/6/14



Ravera Daisy Seal mitted





Hi Vera,
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you! OMG we absolutely LOVE Daisy- she is the most gentle, easy going and purry cat we have ever had...
Thank you...
Here she is sound asleep in the dolls cot after being dressed up, pushed around in a dolly stroller and she's still purring!
Jess x
Sydney 1/9/13

(Also I put up her pic on Weekend Sunrise a few weekends ago and mentioned how terrific you were..)

Jessica Rowe

Robyn and Chutney

Chutney and Pickles


I cannot thank Vera enough for the joy that is our beautiful blue mitted boy, Chutney! He is just like a dream; cute and fluffy with the sweetest personality. From the moment he arrived at our house, he felt right at home, made friends with our other ragdoll boy Pickles and purred the whole night through. He loves cuddling with me in bed and follows his brother Pickles around the house like a little shadow. 

I was so impressed with the way Vera conducted the process of adopting Chutney, right from the moment of discussing my intention over the phone with Vera, to picking him up to go to our forever home. After having had a bad experience with another ragdoll breeder, I immediately noticed the difference with Ravera ragdolls. There was a noticeable level of care and love given to Ravera kittens and cats that surpasses any other cattery. The photo and video updates, early microchip and name registration and original paperwork, not only made me feel connected with my kitten but that I was making the right decision with choosing Ravera ragdolls for our boy. I would from the bottom of my heart recommend anyone wanting a ragdoll kitten to look no further than Ravera ragdolls for a healthy, happy and beautiful bundle of fluff.  

Thanks a million, Vera and Ravera ragdolls!

Robyn, Newtown, NSW 1/7/13



Bella Blue Mitted little girl


Hi Vera,

I would like to thank you so much for my beautiful Bella. She has settled into her new home beautifully and has the most adorable loving nature.....she loves her cuddles!!! I can never thank you enough for the joy she has bought into my home.....she is an absolute gem!

I have attached a couple of pictures for you.


Glen, Cronulla NSW 31/5/13


Tiffany &  Harry

Dear Vera

We were delighted to watch Tiffany on the second night of her arrival jump up and snuggle in beside “Harry” our beloved bulldog. It was a reassuring moment for us as we watched the two of them snooze peacefully on the couch together. The beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Thank you for our gorgeous girl.

Kind regards

The Wylie Family, Brisbane QLD 31/5/13


Marshmallow Blue mitted



Hi Vera,

I don't think we could thank you enough for our gorgeous girl. She is beautiful and so kind and loving. Our trip home went quite well, she was crying for about the first half an hour but then settled quite well and slept most of the way - no accidents either!! She is also big on snuggling with us and as I am typing this she is laying on my arm purring away :)

Thank you again for our girl, it was a pleasure to work with you in getting what is our first pet together and meeting you. We love her so much already and know that her beautiful nature comes from the environment she began to grow up in. Please see a couple of pics from our day together I have attached.

- Amy and Matt, Melba ACT 27/5/13


Roxy ACT

Hi Vera,

Thank you very much for such a beautiful little kitten. She is settling in well and getting lots of attention.

She was unsettled driving home and I can’t blame her at all but once we got home she has enjoyed investigating the house.

She is using the kitty litter and is eating well so I can’t ask for anymore from her.

The kids are fighting over her, so I’ve decided they can have her for 30 minutes each at a time!

Kind Regards,


Weston, ACT 27/11/12

Bonnie & Clyde WA


Hi Vera,
Bonnie and Clyde are such good cats, they eat well and have never missed the kitty litter tray!
I am glad that I got both of them, I think the reason that they have travelled so well, is because they were together. Clyde is the laid back one and Bonnie is a busy body.
Anyway, thanks a lot for my beautiful babies, they are a credit to you!
Every morning when I wake up around 5, I feed them and then the Bonnie & Clyde show is on! Too funny! No need for TV now!
Kind regards


Broome, WA 20/11/12

Hebe & Issi Hong Kong


Hi Vera,

Hope this email finds you well and your Ragdoll babies are happy and healthy.

Attached are the photos of Issi and Hebe, hope you like them. Issi is about 11 lbs and Hebe is 13, I think they are still growing maybe up to 1 year old (I guess). They are very friendly and love by everyone!! They are killers in front of the camera specially Hebe, he likes to post for photography. Issi is definitely our princess and likes to be closed with a warm bodyJ Also, I think Issi looks very likely with her mother.

Warm regards,

Coco, HONG KONG 27/10/12

Hong Kong flag

Blue Point Ragdoll Kitten-Ravera Manu

Hello Vera .

well what can I say Manu is everything you said he would be , such a sweet little kitten ,who slept all the way home and ate basically straight away when he came home then played .
What a beautiful breed and a credit to you as his breeder , you have done a wonderful job he knows his name uses his scratching post... He didn't use the litter up until today and the most amazing thing is he wipes his paws on the side of the box before he steps out so he doesnt dirty the floor lol...
And he hasn't cried at night not once.
Thank you for your help and all your advise i will send some photos when he gets a little bigger , at the rate the way he eats wont be too long..
Once again thank you.

Carlton, NSW 05/06/12

Momo & Hebe (Seal Bicolour Ragdoll) enjoying his forever home in Hong Kong

Hi Vera

Just want to tell you, Hebe and Issi have settling well. They are playful and absolutely gorgeous. Hebe is extremely friendly and like to post in front of camera. Issi is cute and an adventurer, like to explore every space and high level… They have hijacked Momo’s toy and Hebe is a fan of himJ. A few photos to share with you!

Very best,

Coco, HONG KONG 08/05/12

Hong Kong flag

Hebe and Issi now reside in Hong Kong

Hi Vera,

Hebe and Issi have arrived safely, full of energy and start playing and eating right away. I will send photo's soon.

Many thanks

Coco, HONG KONG 27/04/12

Hong Kong flag

Tinkerbell, Jamie and Cynthia

Tinkerbell playing..too cute!


Hi Vera... We arrived safe and sound with our little girl. She slept most of the way to Melbourne but as soon as we got home she wanted to play. She is such a beautiful little girl. She purrs all the time which I love and always wants to play. She did cry a little last night as she must miss you guys, her brothers and sisters, and the house she is use to. We have decided to call her Tinkerbell Ravera (middle name after her amazing breeder) St Mart :)

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to you and Guy for everything and for all your help while trying to pick a breeder. When my husband and I arrived at your place yesterday, we were so impressed at how nice and clean your place was. I think as soon as we walked in and saw all your little babies we knew we had picked the right breeder... so thank you very much :) It was a shame though we didn't get to meet you in person :(

Today marks one month since Tinkerbell arrived to our house and we couldn't be happier. She makes everyday different and fun and we are truly blessed to have her in our lives. She is everything we wanted in a kitty and we love her to bits. I'm pleased to inform you that she is doing excellent... eating well, playing, sleeping, giving kisses, cuddling up (which is her favourite thing to do... if she's not doing that she is right next to you seeing what you are doing), and has gone for her second vaccination. The Vet said she was super healthy and was very pleased with her.

Once again both Jamie and myself would like to thank you and your husband for everything and for producing such beautiful Ragdoll kittens.

Kind regards,

Cynthia St Mart, MELBOURNE VIC 23/02/12

P.s One last question before I go... my husband and I were wondering what it is you put on your Ragdoll kittens to make them smell so nice? When we picked up Tinkerbell she smelt so beautiful :) Is it a special shampoo or product?

Milly Blue Mitted

Hi Vera,

Apologies for delay, time has flown by since we met you and collected ourlittle girl in early Dec. We thought you might like to see some recent pictures of her and an update. She has settled into life with us very well. We all adore her and it's hard to remember when she wasn't around with us. She has a very loving nature and loves nothing better than a cuddle or rub
behind the ears. She is quite curious and playful and enjoys romping around the house with the girls. Most of all she just likes being with us whether it's doing housework, reading a book or working on the computer. You will often find her following you two steps behind. As you can see she has grown quite a bit and we believe, into the most beautiful looking girl.

Thank you so very much for all your help. Please be assured, Milly is a very special cat who has found her forever home.

Kind regards,

Karen, SYDNEY 24/02/12

Ravera Little Coco

Hi Vera,

just a quick note to thank you. Coco is everything u said she would be. Playful, fun, very gentle and sweet, my husband calls he the smoochy purrer. Cause she loves her cuddles and is always purring.

My little boy Jake who u met loves showering her with kisses, which is funny cause he hates kissing anyone even me, but says she is different! She is so placid, just let my one year old niece pat her face. Getting on better wit Harry, he has stopped hissing and seem to be friends now. She always just wanted to be friends.

Thanks again, she has fitted in perfectly!

Rebel, SHELLCOVE 10.1.2012

Ravera Smokey Joe

Ravera Sheine Maidele - Lilac Bicolour December 2010

Hello Vera!

Your lovely cats are safely home, Finland :) Joe kissed me straight he came out of hi´s cage. Shayna is shy, but OK. Joe begun to eat straight away,) (08/2011)

I have some lovely news about Joe. My firend is a"animal whisperer". She looks for animals for advertisements. She called on me and asked a cat..

So I took Joe for shooting. There were 20-30 people working. They made an advertisement to TV. (One finnish bank).

He was taken shots for advertising something on papers. When ever I see hi´s picture on a paper, I´ll send it to you:))))) (10/2011)

Shayna and Joe send you kisses+ + +

Huggs: Marita, FINLAND

Ravera Smokey Joe - Advertising, Sampo Bank FINLAND, November 2011


Ravera Sunny Power 4wks Seal Bicolour


Hi Vera,

Sunny is unbelievable. He has adjusted to our household within 24 hours. We can't believe it. He loves to be snuggled up in that little bed that I made him (to my great happiness as it made all that stitching worth while.) We are so surprised to see that he is taking to the kids (so easily. He doesn't even flinch when they come near and he allows them to pat him and cuddle him without running away. We can only imagine that he is going to be a lovely addition to our family as time passes.

Thanks again. We will be sure and send photos as he matures.

Take good care and thanks again for the love and care that you put into your kittens. It really shows.

Regina, BERRY NSW 9/10/11

Ravera Maisy &  Ravera Lexi


Hi Vera,

my apologies for not writing to you earlier. The girls are great, have settled in really well and have very much made themselves at home! They are growing so fast and really developing their personalities. Lexi is very inquisitive and into anything that opens (dishwasher, fridge, cupboard, wardrobe!) and so full of energy and loves to play and is quite a character. Maisy is much quietter and reserved. Both are very affectionate which is lovely, and are on our laps every night for a cuddle and wait for us at the door when we come home and outside our bedroom door each morning. They are very, very loved and such a part of our lives that it feels like they have been with us for so much longer than they have been.

Thank you for sending the link to the commercial. Maisy is really beautiful and has the most lovely coat and markings. I will send you some photos when im on my computer at home.

Thanks again Vera.

Vanessa SYDNEY NSW 9/9/11

Ravera Duke and Duchess


Hi Vera, how are you? I hope you and all your babies are well.

Here is a little update on Duke & Duchess. They get along fabulously, I don’t know what I was worried about!
Duke looks after her and constantly cleans her. And Duchess I can tell looks up to Duke. She follows him around and wants to do all the things he does.
She has developed quite the little personality and they both draw a fair crowd on trips to the park. It took her a little while to find her voice but now she doesn’t hold back...
“I want to go outside, meow meow”, “I want cuddles, meow, meow”, “let me under the doona where it’s warm and snug, meow, meow, meow”.
And Duke just sits back and lets her have everything she wants whether it’s the bed or some of his food (they love some chicken, and he lets her have most of it).
He’s such a good boy! And he’s getting so big, I cant wait to take him for his 12 month weigh in!

They are a dream Vera, thank you so much!

Rebecca, MELBOURNE VIC 14/4/2011

Ravera Henry & Ravera Elizabeth

Hi Vera,

Henry is very cute, as you can see Elizabeth loves him already! He settled in very quickly. Thank you so much for both beautiful kittens. I'll send you more updates soon!

Kind regards,


MOSMAN NSW 15/3/ 2011

Hi Vera,

Oliver is such a sweetheart! The family adores him very much. He is so gentle and affectionate. Such good personality. There is no way you cannot love this beautiful ragdoll!

 He settled in very quickly! He ate, drank water and even used the litter :)

 We are truly happy we found you! He is perfect. Thank you Vera for giving us a beautiful, loving ragdoll. Will definitely keep in touch!

Regards, Amilia

MALAYSIA 25/01/2011


Hi Vera,

Daisy settled in very quickly and loves my couch & bed (pic first day home on the couch). There's also a photo of me and Daisy in front of my Christmas tree and chilling out on Christmas Day at my parents.

She really is the essence of Christmas. She brings so much joy, peace and love to me and everyone who meets her. She's playful, cheeky, gentle, talkative, loving and a great companion.

Thank you Vera for such a beautiful cat!

Gillian ACT 09/01/11


Hello Vera,

Here is a recent photo of our now not so small kitten Misty. She is
lovely and we wouldnt be without her.

Merry Xmas to you!

Heather and Richard, SYDNEY 24/12/2010


Hi Vera,

I really want to thank you so much for our beautiful girl, I hope you like the photos. I wonder if she still looks like Fleur? Her colour is really developing and she is forming a little patch of colour on both thighs and on her tummy. We think shes perfect and her temperament and how easily she has transitioned into our home.

This is a credit to the way you breed and raise your beautiful ragdolls. We would not hesitate to recommend you as a breeder.

Kind regards

Sarah, Sydney 26/10/10

Hi Vera,

Just thought I would drop you a note to let you know how wonderful Annabelle is. She is beautiful and has all the wonderful traits that Ragdolls are known for.  Everyone who meets her loves her. Annabelle is so sweet and so patient with our daughter, who loves to carry Annabelle around and even when Annabelle has an opportunity to run away, she doesn't. Annabelle loves being in the same room as us. If she falls asleep in the room we're in and we leave while she's sleeping, she cries when she wakes up until we call her and then she comes running to where we are. She's very playful too and makes us laugh carrying around her toys, batting at them, and then running wildly around after them.

She is definitely the result of good breeding. Thanks!


Amy, Helensburgh NSW 7/7/10

Hello Vera,

Just a big thankyou for our gorgeous kitten. She slept on my knee all the way back to Sydney and was right at home straight away. She cried last night when I went off to bed without her, so guess where she sleeps. We can't believe how settled and good she is, always using her toilet. We just love her to bits. will send some photos when she grows a bit.

Many thanks Heather and Richard.

PS Have looked for the water fountain you have but cannot find it anywhere, Can you tell us the brand of your one? 

Five Dock, Sydney 25/05/10


Hi Vera,

I just thought I'd write to you to give you an update on how our beautiful Basil is going.  He almost 12 months old now and is the most adorable cat, a wonderful companion with a huge personality and looks to match.  Everybody who comes to visit us falls in love with him, as we have. 
He is very funny, he most definitely thinks he is a dog - he loves to travel in the car with us, he follows us everywhere we go in the house (including into the toilet / shower / putting out the rubbish bins) and actively chases balls we throw him.  His favourite thing to do is to lay between the keyboard and the screen while I am on the computer and commands attention while I am typing (he is in front of me now).  He is also such a snugglepot - every morning after the alarm clock goes off he comes over and sits on either of our chests for cuddles until we get up.
We love having him in our home, thank you for providing us with such a beautiful little boy.  Your kittens are very special.

Kind regards,

Holly and Marcus, Woollahra NSW 6/4/10

Hi Vera,
just a quick email to let yoou know that my little boy 'duke' has settled into his new home great!!there are some photos attached....
he is such a delight to have and has made my home complete :)

your kittens really are special , thanks so much xoxox!

Candice, VIC 12/02.10


We would like to thank Vera at Ravera Ragdolls for her committment to breeding Ragdolls of "superior quality".

Our "Tish" (nearly 12months old) is not only the most beautiful kitten ( with the biggest blue eyes you have ever seen) she also has the most adorable personality which is important for companionship. 
"Tish" is not like most cats, she follows you around and wants to be close to you, she is always there right in the middle of what you are doing.
Vera came to the rescue when we needed a replacement kitten for our daughter who is suffering an illness. We had purchased a kitten from a backyard breeder and within one month the kitten died suddenly, it was thought to be a heart problem.
We then decided to make sure we found a Ragdoll breeder who is committed to breeding healthy, strong kittens with unique personalities. Vera's
"Tish" has given our daughter the love and companionship needed to help her deal with her illness.

We can not thank Vera enough. She has given us the most beautiful gift. A Ravera Ragoll Kitten

.Carol & Tony, Sydney 16/1/10


Dear Vera,

This letter is to thank you for all your assistance during the purchase of my beautiful Ragdoll Kitten. He is an absolute delight and brings me a lot of pleasure. He settled in extremely well and is well adjusted, which I feel is as a result of not taking kittens from their mother until 10 or 12 weeks. Your Handy Hint Sheets have proved invaluable. The fact that your kittens are toilet trained is excellent and by using the same Kitty Litter System, the kitten hasn’t had one accident since arriving at my Unit. The fact that I feel I can contact you at any time if I ever have a problem is very comforting.

Once again Vera, thank you for everything.


Dale, Narrabeen NSW 14/1/10


Hi there,
Just an update on how Ginger Meggs is doing.  He is loves a cuddle in the mornings.. he lies on your chest until its time to get up.. He also enjoys watching the birds out the window and keeping an eye on everything thats going on, even vists to the toilet..
I have attached some recent photos.
Thank you, he is such a beautiful boy.
Sarah, Sydney (June 09)


Hi Vera

He is going so well... I still cant thank u enough... he is beautiful... everyone that comes over wants to take him home... and most don’t even like cats... but they just love him. perfect nature.
Hope u and ur family are well.
Kind Regards

Deb and Phoenix xx


Blaynley, NSW (Feb 09)


Hi Vera,

It's now been 9 months since we collected out beautiful boys from you, it's been the best 9 months I can tell you that,

I thought I would send you pictures of Caspian and Jenson,

They are very well and seem 2 be very happy, they are spoilt rotten and much loved by Sarah and myself, they get plenty of hugs and kisses,

Jenson seems to be the hopeless romantic, he enjoys loving you until it hurts, and Caspian is the cheeky charmer, he is confident and enjoys a challenge,

I hope your family are well and that cats are keeping you busy,

once again, thanks for the best gift

Alisa and Sarah, Sydney (Oct 09)

Hi Vera,
the wonderful ragdoll kitten we got from you last December 
is 1 year old today, and I thought you might like a picture to see
what she looks like now. We call her Tiki, short for Lady Tikal, our
favourite place in Guatemala. She is just fabulous, a perfect mixture
of affection and independence. She follows me round like a dog, but
loves exploring if I go outside. And of course she looks just
beautiful, as you can see. She now weights 4.5kg and is a very fussy
I hope all is well with you, and many thanks for our gorgeous girl.
Best wishes, Phil, Sdyney (Dec 08)

Hi Vera,
Abby is doing very well, she has settled in without a hitch.  The kids are in love, she has been into school and family daycare for show and tell.  We take her in the car a bit and she is really getting used to it.
Matilda, the youngest, pushes her around in a doll's pram often.....she just sits there.  She tolerates being handled constantly and when she's had enough she hides behind the TV or under the bed! 
Sara, Sydney (Aug 08)


Hi Vera,

How are you? I wanted to give you an update on Rafael and Roxy (formerly Isabella). They are both doing extremely well, and I have attached a few photos so you can see how they have grown! The peeing on the couch and other areas has stopped and both kittens roam throughout the whole house now.

They are both very vocal (especially when they want their food!). They are both such a delight to have, and im very lucky to have been given the kittens, what a wonderful surprise!

The first picture is them in their bed- they absolutely loved the washing basket- so we made it into a bed for them, you can see that Raffy's colours have really come out around his eyes.  The second picture the kittens are on my partner Aaron- they love to spend time with us.

Also, mums cats Milo and Honey are both great as well- I will try to get a picture to send to you. They have grown at a very fast rate! Honey is 3.8 kg, and Milo a shocking 4.7 kilo's! They are both the most wonderful kittens, and mum and dad are getting so much joy from them. Thanks Vera.

kind regards,
Melissa, Canberra ACT ( March 09)


Hi Vera
Bailey is doing really well - he is so cute and has such a personality!
I've attached a couple of more recent photos for you to see how he is growing.
"Having a Ragdoll around the house has been an absolute pleasure! His termperament is affectionate and gentle and he loves being cuddled at every opportunity. He always wants to be around us, follows us everywhere and is wonderfully chatty. He's very much a part of our family!"

Sandy, WA (Jan 10)

Ravera Lawson



Matilda and Lawson are just adorable and we are so happy to have them. I got your card and papers yesterday. Thank you. I will give out the cards to anyone who might be interested in getting a ragdoll. The girls at the vets office just loved them. They got the worm medication and something for fleas and hook worm if needed.  No shots yet.

They are adjusting well and I will send photos soon.
Thanks again for sending them to us. I am so happy we found you and the kittens. Maybe we can visit your cattery one day if we ever make it over to Australia.

Happy New Year. 09

Tom and Dayna, Hawaii



Hi Vera,Hope all is well with you. Here is a photo of our little sweethearts. I wish their eyes had been open but they are so rambunctious, I can only get a snapshot of them when they are sleeping

HA! We love them to pieces.

They are very happy kittens and make us laugh constantly. I will try and send a better photo when I get one next.

Thanks for all you help.

Tom and Dayna, Hawaii


Hi Vera,
I just thought I would let you know how the gorgeous Liddie is going!! He is sooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous and too sweet. Very very cheeky but so loving and we just adore him!! I am not good at taking photos but I will include a few so that you can see how gorgeous he is.  He is loving the wattle tree at the moment and comes in every day covered in wattle-he is a bit of a dag!  We love him so much and he is spoilt rotten!
I hope all is well with your family,
Sophie, Sydney (June 09)


Hi Vera,
I just thought I would give you an update on little Stella.  She is doing so well, I really don't know what we did before her!! She is the most important person in our house and is absolutely spoiled rotten
I have attached a photo of Stella (or Jellie Bellie as we like to call her) with her favourite toy ever!!  She goes absolutely nuts on the scratching post!! A good vantage point to see whats going on
Thanks Vera!! She is such a special girl!! She loves sticking to us like glue!! She also likes to help by sitting on my papers when I am working!!!!! hahaha!! I just love her to pieces!!!
Amy, Canberra ACT (May 09)




Felix - 11wks just before he jet setted to Hawaii

Hi Vera

Happy Mother’s Day to you!!! Here is Felix’s favorite sleeping place.

Robin, Hawaii (Dec 07)


Hi Vera,
Just to let you know he is doing really well and loved by all.
I have attached some photos of him for you to see.
We have named him panda, and treat him like a baby most of the time.
He loves to go over your shoulder while you walk around, and last week we brought a collar designed for walking your cat. He now loves going for a walk outside on his new leash and collar.

Thank you!!!

Monica. Sydney Dec 09



Hi Vera,
You mentioned when we picked up our little Willow (or Blossom as you named her) that you like to see photos of the kittens when they grow up. Willow has just had her 1st birthday so I thought you might like to see how she has grown up. She now rules the roost in our household and is very much loved. I didn't realise when we chose the ragdoll breed that they are so vocal, or maybe this is just Willow. She's definately a talker! We love her little diamond markings on her face too. Such a pretty baby!
Take care,
Michelle. Sydney 09




Hi Vera,

I did re-name Rory, however. I hope your not upset. He's now Leo, because his colouring reminds me of a lion.
He's been going great, keeps getting bigger everyday though! I wish he could stay small forever haha. He's personality is developing too, he's a little whinger, especially when he wants food. He gets into everything as kittens do and manages to be adorable even when he's naughty.
I'll attach some pictures for you, he's a funny little character!
Hope to hear back soon.

Kindest regards,

Sharryn., Blue Mountains, NSW (May 09)




"Thyvester" is a big boy now! this is his favourite position laying on the coffee table on his back. Some of his antic's are so funny, he loves getting in bags. Sometimes we have wondered where he is but then see the bag move a little ( if you walk passed he will play possum and not move at all). He is extremely affectionate and is always beside you, just to make sure your are never alone.

Thank you for such a beautiful and special boy!

Jessica & Joshua

Jambaroo, NSW




Thank you for our beautiful "Tooty" we love her so much, she settled in well and follows us everywhere. She has made such a lovely addition to our family.

Thank you for our special girl!


Milton, NSW (March 05)

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